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Knowledge. Technology.
High-Quality Medical Cannabis

As a leading company that enjoys the MOH’s approval for the past decade,
IMC works tirelessly to develop the knowledge, research and technology
in the field in order to allow our patients to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Our Story

Ours is an authentic story, of people who carefully nurture strains for a truly important cause.
Since 2008, we’ve been growing a wide range of medical cannabis strains that exceeds the benefits of traditional medical treatments. The wide range of quality strains that was developed by us, combined with the attentive nurturing provided by our team, enable any patient to find the perfect match to their personal medical condition.
We believe that our health and quality of life should never be compromised. We also know that the first steps of medical cannabis treatment can be accompanied by some hesitation, which is why our patients guiding and supporting our patients throughout the process — starting with issuing their permit, through matching them with the right strain, and finally guiding them as they adjust to the treatment — is one of our core values. Our vast experience in the field teaches us that the right treatment can transform patient’s lives in the most profound way.

שקד שוסטר

Innovation as a Focal Point

Here at IMC, we believe in simplicity in top strains, love, and the joy of life. More than anything, we believe in the power of this miraculous plant to provide a better quality of life.
For over a decade now, IMC has been doing groundbreaking progress to improve the quality of its different strains and the active ingredients within each one. The standards of plants, active ingredients concentration levels and meticulous manufacturing procedures all form the base for our top products.
We consider ourselves to be visionaries who strive to expand the knowledge in any way, at any given moment. For that purpose, we founded we founded a unique start-up platform called IMC Venture, which is a co-partnership with pro Prof. David (Dedi) Meiri of the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research at the Technion’s Faculty of Biology. We also lead countless collaborations with professionals, including medical specialists, pain management nurses, The Israeli Medical Cannabis Nurses Association, academic institutions, and others.
We promise to continue advancing, promoting and developing innovative products that embody IMC’s famous passion, in order to continue to offer the best solutions.

צולם ע

Impeccable Quality

We couldn’t be prouder of the controlled environment we’ve developed for growing our plants and its ability to monitor the quality of ingredients throughout the entire manufacturing process. It allows us to maintain quality, consistency and regulatory compliance. We use advanced monitoring technology that allows us to track the medical cannabis’ growth and ensure that the highest standards are always met.
Transparency is another core value for IMC, and we remain conscious and open when it comes to communicating with both patients and their caregivers, as well as in our approach towards the environment. We harness our innovative, trail-blazing nature in support of these important goals.
For these and other purposes, we’ve embraces high standards that allow us to provide odorless, flavorless products with a predetermined active concentration and at quality that enables longer shelf life.

Our Unique Growth Protocol

Many resources are invested in growing and Great resources are invested in nurturing and distilling our unique cannabis strains. Once planted, each one goes through a careful, personal process led by our professional cultivation team, in order to maintain its quality and components to ensure the continuum of care.

Automatic Trimming System

Our many years of experience in the field have led us to develop an automatic system that trims the plants without a human touch. This proprietary patent was created to prevent contamination and protect the flowers’ impeccable quality.

Guidance & Assistance

Our skilled team is happy to support our customers by matching them with the right strains and guiding them every step of the way, starting with their permit application and until they become fully adjusted to the treatment.

Matching The Medical Cannabis Strain to The Patient’s Specific Needs & Condition

“Establishing the right strain and dosage is a combination of science and art, both guided by the principal of advancing slowly, while monitoring the response and including detailed explanations which set the right expectations for gradual change.”

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Knowledge & Expertise

Some patients may experience certain difficulties in adjusting to the medical cannabis treatment. The knowledge in the field and relatively low number of treated patients, leave many questions unanswered. As leaders in the medical cannabis arena for the past decade, we do everything in our power to ease patients into the process and provide them with the most detailed and updated information.

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