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Taking Your First Steps with Medical Cannabis

Your first treatment with medical cannabis may be accompanied with certain fears. For this reason, for the first-time treatment, it is important to make sure you are surrounded by a calm and supportive environment.

We recommend you take your first medical cannabis treatment at home.

  1. Prepare a comfortable environment for you, and make sure that another responsible adult is present with you in the same house.
  2. Begin with the minimum dosage, and follow its effects.
  3. The treatment begins with 1-2 puffs/drops per 24 hours.
  4. We recommend using your consumption and follow-up table and to closely follow your symptoms during and after the treatment.
  5. Remember, your process of learning the effects of the plant will take about two weeks, until you stabilize and adjust your optimal dosage. Relief will come with the help of patience and perseverance.
  6. The consumption of medical cannabis may cause a decrease in blood sugar levels, and a feeling of drowsiness and dizziness. Therefore, we recommend you prepare snacks, sweets, or a cool sweetened light drink.

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