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This rich, velvety strain has a cherry aroma and was named after its smooth texture, which resembles ice-cream. It reduces stress and provides a calm, relaxed feeling without making patients foggy. Which makes it suitable for a variety of medical treatments. Some say that certain dosage enhances the sativa effect and others the indica, which enables patients to use this strain during different parts of the day.

DAIRY QUEEN (DQ) - Inflorescences
DAIRY QUEEN (DQ) - Pre-Rolled Cigarettes
DAIRY QUEEN (DQ) - Sheredded Inflorescences
Active ingredients and values
THC 11-19%CBD 0-5.5%CBN< 1.5%
Category T15C3 Sativa

Terpenes Caryophyllene - 33%, Humulene- 13%, Limonene - 13%, Linalool - 8%
Aroma and taste
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Tips for Optimal Use

Taking your first steps with medical cannabis

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Tips for proper storage

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