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A famous veteran strain on the international cannabis scene, known for its sour citrus aroma. It is a hybrid of Sour Diesel, renowned for its rapid uplifting effect, with the focused effect and creativity of the Haze family. The strain has a gentle effect and is excellent for people who need to consume and continue to function regularly during the day. The Sour Haze is a “classic sativa” with a large, moderately dense inflorescence and a deep green color.

SOUR HAZE - Inflorescences
SOUR HAZE - Inflorescences
SOUR HAZE - Inflorescences

This information does not constitute a binding opinion and should not be relied on. It is an overview only, and not in lieu of a professional medical opinion. IMC cannot guarantee and is not responsible for the described effects, or similar effects felt among patients. The foregoing should not be construed as advertising and/or a recommendation and/or encouragement to use cannabis for non-medical purposes, which is prohibited by law. The use of medical cannabis is at the recommendation of a specialist and according to an appropriate license from the Ministry of Health in accordance with the law.

Active ingredients and values
THC 16-24%CBD 0-7%CBN< 1.5%
Category Sativa T20C4


Limonene, Myrcene, Humulene

* Of all the terpenes in the plant

Aroma and taste
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