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How to Obtain a Medical Cannabis License

Israeli patients suffering from a wide range of medical conditions receive medical cannabis. The list of conditions that are eligible for such a permit is constantly updating, and so our first advice would be to go back and check the list before applying for a license.
As part of the regulation reform in the field, certain steps were taken in an effort to speed up and optimize the process of obtaining a medical cannabis license, including outsourcing some of the administrative work and establishing a digital system that enables physicians and patients to submit medical papers directly to the system. Once the applications are reviewed and approved, patients will be able to print their permit and subscriptions and head directly to the local pharmacy to purchase the medical cannabis products.
According to the Israel Medical Cannabis Authority (IMCA),YAKA the Medical Cannabis Unit, there are two options for obtaining a medical cannabis license:

  1. Through an authorized physician at the cost of a visit to an outpatient clinic. Patients can visit pone of the physicians authorized by IMCA to issue medical cannabis licenses and, should the physician determine that they are eligible for a license, receive it right then and there, along with the pharmacy subscription. Please note that the authorized physicians can only issue licenses as part of their work at public clinics and not during private visits. Oncology patients may also receive this service at the authorised dedicated hospital department.
  1. Applying through a specialist physician in the area from which the patient suffers. Should the specialist decide that the patient is suitable for medical cannabis treatment, they will complete the online application and submit all the necessary paperwork. If necessary, the patient will be able to add documents directly to the system using a dedicated link which will be sent to them via text message.

Under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, once the application was received, the documents are reviewed by a senior doctor who is titled a “Director” in the Medical Cannabis Unit and who has the authority to permit the use of medical cannabis. The reply will be sent via email directly to the patient and the treating physician. Upon receiving their license, each patient will be able to approach one of the authorizes pharmacies and purchase the product according to the subscription and based on the existing stock.
Here at IMC, we support and assist patients in successfully completing this process. Do not hesitate to contact us by dialing 077-4442333 or emailing

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