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A sativa dominant cannabis strain, which confers a sense of spirit uplifting, energy and vitality that invigorate the mind and manifest in creativity and increased motivation. Its flavor combination & aroma are known to have appetite stimulating effects. PG is particularly suitable for taking during the day, in various medical conditions, including low mood accompanied with a decrease in motivation, depression, anxiety, mental stress, post traumatic stress disorder (PSTD), concentration problems, tiredness, low energy, headaches, migraines, pain and lack of appetite.

PANDORA BOX – PB - Inflorescences
PANDORA BOX – PB - Pre-Rolled Cigarettes
PANDORA BOX – PB - Shredded Inflorescences
Active ingredients and values
THC 16%CBD 0%
Category T15C3 Sativa

Terpenes Terpinolene 25%, Caryophyllene 23%, Myrcene 10%
Aroma and taste
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