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Roma Oil is a full spectrum oil that maintains the full entourage effect and intensity of the indica-dominant strain, which is known for its strong effect and ability to assist in insomnia, pain relief and appetite stimulation.

The full spectrum oil contains more than just CBD or THC and is produced by extraction of the inflorescence, while maintaining the full natural composition of the flower’s active ingredients. The oil contains the same important compounds that are present in the inflorescence, so maintains the specific “entourage effect” of the strain and, therefore, also the well-known and effective effect of the Roma inflorescence.

Active ingredients and values
THC 16-24%CBD 0-7%CBN<1.5%
Category T20C4 Indica

Terpenes Caryophyllene 27%, Limonene 23%, Myrcene 15%
Aroma and taste
SpicyCitrus FruitsEarthy
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